Study Drums & Percussion from anywhere in the World

Study with a World-Class Musician  Whether you are just beginning, preparing for conservatory auditions, or a gigging musician looking to hone your craft, David and his team can help you grow as a musician and express yourself as an artist.

  • We help with building confidence and expand on your natural abilities.
  • We evaluates your skills, practice routines and zone in on weaknesses.

Grades go up as a result  Students who have trouble connecting with others feel a profound change in their ability to communicate and work well together

“My goal is to help my students apply their newfound techniques at a level where they could make great choices in a variety of musical situations.  I methodically evaluate my students’ skills, systematically optimize their practice routines, zone in on weak spots, and help them eliminate bad habits. Our lessons will guide their development in achieving incredibly fast hands and feet that can aptly play all styles of music, including Rock, Pop, Jazz, Latin, you name it!, Hope to meet you, soon.”

DrumOnline Now Founder: David Rozenblatt